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1. Name: Jac
2. Age: 21 very soon =P

3. How long have you been an anime fan?
Hm, I started watching anime since I was a kid. Only then I did not know it was called anime. I started out watching Kimba, Pokemon and Hello Kitty. My initiation into fandom and becoming a more serious fan was probably about 6 years ago in high-school.

4. What is your favorite anime?

- My absolute favourite would have to be Saiunkoku Monogatari. It's historical-ish (though it's a fictitious country); and it's shoujo without being too fluffy. This is one of the most detailed anime I've seen! All the characters and history of the place are so well and richly developed; it's almost like it's about a real happening. It just keeps me on my toes.
- Another close favourite would have to be Ouran Host Club. Even though it's more of a relaxing comedy, it also has reflective moments. I think Ouran is one of those shows that has elements to cater to all types of anime fans (het/yaoi/yuri etc)
- I also have to give an honourable mention to Prince of Tennis because though it's not my favourite series; that is the fandom that I'm most active in. Even though the matches can get rather repetitive and boring after awhile, I admit the filler eps are really addictive! You just find yourself rooting for a team or certain character(s) as you watch it. I also love the musicals based on the series (tenimyu) and I must say that the character songs for PoT are some of the best I've heard =P
Ps. Ghost Hunt and Samurai Champloo are not bad too ^_~ but I'm not into the fandom as I'm so with the first three. Howl's Moving Castle is my favourite anime movie ^^ It's so beautiful.

5. Who is your favorite anime character?
It's a tie between Tezuka Kunimitsu and Atobe Keigo from Prince of Tennis. There are so many things I could say about them; but if you're really that interested, you can read my 'meta' character analysis of each of them that I wrote for reflections_2 here and here XD (yes, there are essays). Fandom tends to potray them in really extreme stereotypes but I believe that they are really layered personalities... plus I'm sorta like a mix of them myself lol. I also have somewhat odd fascination for Muraki Kazutaka in Yami no Matsuei lol... despite his twistedness (which probably wouldn't have happened if he did not have the kind of past he had), he is got a brilliant mind and he's a beautiful man. Recently I seem to have a thing for 'evil' genius with glasses... Aizen Sousuke in Bleach (mmm/ even after reading spoilers, I still got shocked to find out he was the bad guy!). Favourite heroines include the underloved Ryuuzaki Sakuno from Prince of Tennis and Yuya Shina from Samurai Deeper Kyo (though I prefer the manga version). I like a girl who's feisty and who can boss the main guys around haha. Sakuno is an exception though.

6. How large is your anime collection? Please list the anime in your collection (post pictures if possible)
o.O you really want it? well, to me it's quite alot but i think some of you may have seen even more lol.

http://thesundaywriter.myanimelist.net/ - i use myanimelist to catalog what i'm watching.

the link above shows mostly everything i've watched so far... however this is my collection that I've kept.

Anime I Have
code: bold for the ones i own in dvds
the rest are downloaded and in discs or my hard drives.

12 Kingdoms
Angel Sanctuary (used to own)
Asatte no Houkou
Beat Angel Escalayer
Black Lagoon
Bokura Ga Ita
City Hunter
Class Reunion Again
Fruits Basket
Fushigi Yugi
Ghost Hunt
Gun x Sword
Here is Green Wood
Howl's Moving Castle
Honey x Honey Drops
Jigoku Shoujo
Koi Hime
Koi Kaze
Love Hina Special (in vcd form)
Mezzo Forte
Midnight Panther
Moonlight Lady
Ninja Scroll OVA (don't really like the series =P but the ova rocks)
Ouran Host Club
Prince Of Tennis
Prince of Tennis- Atobe Special
Prince of Tennis Movie- Tale of 2 Samurais

Prince of Tennis OVAs- Nationals Chapter (the currently airing series)
Reideen (the new version)
Saikano (used to own)
Sailor Moon (everything. including the movies)
Saiunkoku Monogatari (when this comes out i'm so buying it!)
Samurai 7
Samurai Champloo
Samurai Deeper Kyo
Samurai Gun
(not sure if i want to continue buying this though)
Serial Experiment Lain (used to own)
Sensitive Pornograph
Shigetsutan Tsukihime
Witch Hunter Robin (used to own first disc)
Trinity Blood
Yami no Matsuei
Yamato Nadeshiko Shinchi Henge
Zombie Loan

I also own 3 original Japanese dvds of the Tenimyus (Prince of Tennis musicals): Dream Live 1st, Dream Live 3rd and The Imperial Match in Winter, and the Special Edition Live Action Movie... and also Nodame Cantabile and Sailor Moon drama dvds but I don't know if that is counted... I also have some other dramas that spurned from anime/manga (Kimi Wo Petto, You're Under Arrest, Hana Kimi etc), but since this is not a drama site so I shan't list them. Recently I've been more into jdramas than anime. I'm running out of animes to watch! Any recs? ^^

7. Where do you get most of your anime?
I download most of them since they don't show much on tv in both countries I live in. I try to buy dvds of the ones I like the most and would re-watch. Until my Japanese is really good, I have to get the ones with English subs. They're mostly either by Madman (an australian company) or those less-well subbed Taiwanese versions... but I don't really care because I can make out most of the jokes and such even with poor subs. Plus, it's really fun to watch them with friends and laugh over some the ridiculous subs XD Convulated serve! Lol.

8. Subs or dubs?
Subs. Dubs only if they're good. Personally, two subs I found quite alright were the Fruits Basket and Samurai Champloo dubs.

9. How large is your manga collection? Please also list the manga in your collection (post pictures if possible)
I tend to read the scans of the first couple of volumes of a manga series before I decide to actually invest in it. This is because my chinese is not good enough to buy the cheaper chinese versions and so I have to spend alot of money on the English manga... and as a full-time uni student paying horrendous international student fees... I can't afford to buy alot.

Manga that I own (all english ones):

Angel Sanctuary (used to own)
Ayashino Ceres (used to own)
Alice 13th (used to own)
Confidential Confessions
Fruits Basket
Hana Kimi (i have one volume, but i have the rest in scanlations lol)
Hot Gimmick
Kare First Love
Love Hina (even though this is a harem-like series for guys... i really enjoyed it. it's the first complete manga i read!)
Millenium Snow
Otogi Zoushi (dunno if i want to continue)
Ouran Host Club
Prince of Tennis
Red River
Samurai Champloo
Samurai Deeper Kyo
Sensual Phrase
Skip Beat!
The Wallflower
Trinity Blood
Vampire Knight
Yami no Matsuei

I am pretty sure I have a couple more series but alas, I can't exactly fly home right now to check what I have. I also bought a few random doujin on prince of tennis; and I have the original japanese character guides and artbooks for some anime and manga series. And the 'used to own' bit means I dropped or sold them.

Other Manga that I read (borrowed from friends):

Absolute Boyfriend
Love For Venus

Manga in my Comp (scanlations):
erm... there's so many gigs of this! i'll just list out some of the ones i like ^^ if some of these come out in english manga form, i'm so getting them!

Aisuru Hito
Akkan Baby
Akumana Eros
Bleach (i read the scans and buy it as well)
Boku Wa Imouto Ni Koi Wo Suru
Crimson Spell (i'm not too fond of yaoi, but this is interesting and funny ^^)
Darling wa Namamono ni Tsuki
Deep Love
Desire Climax
Forever Honey
Haa Haa
Hana Kimi (i'm still deciding on buying the rest of it)
Haou Airen
Honey and Honey Drops
Ikenai Teacher Iketeru Darling
Kare First Love (started buying it when the scans stopped)
Koukou Debut (coming out at the end of the year! i will get it!)
Love Monster
Okane Ga Nai
Motto Oshiete
Royal 17
Saiunkoku Monogatari
Seiten Taisei
Sexy Guardian
Skip Beat! (like Bleach, i loved it so much that i bought it)
Tokyo Crazy Paradise
various doujin- mostly prince of tennis and ouran ones.

10. Where do you get most of your manga?
Borders (both countries), Minotaur (Melbourne), Kinokuniya (Singapore)

11. Do you prefer manga or anime?
Hm, even though some manga are better than the anime versions, I just get the satisfaction seeing movement and voice (life!) in my favourite series and characters... so I'd say anime.

12. Do you own any anime soundtracks?
I own random cds of Fushigi Yugi, Samurai X (even though i've never seen it! my friend gave them to me for a present lol), Slayers, Prince of Tennis. I also have Saiunkoku, Yami no Matsuei, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Ouran and Nodame Cantabile, PoT albums in my comp ^^ I'm not a bring fan of OST music though. I prefer Character Albums.

13. Do you have any anime posters in your room? (Post a picture if possible)
I think I have more posters in storage than displayed... too little wallspace and haven't thought of where to arrange them lol. Most of them are Samurai Deeper Kyo and Prince of Tennis.

14. Do you speak any Japanese?
I am currently taking night classes... but my knowledge of it still very basic (just finished my language school's beginner course)... I can read hiragana, katakana and some kanji... but I don't have an extensive vocab yet... so often I can read stuff but not know what it means lol! I depend on my knowledge of Chinese to decipher kanji. Because I'm still starting out... I take a while to process stuff and Japanese people probably have to speak very slowly to me haha. How basic? Erm... I can do a very brief intro about myself, ask about people's activities like where did you go yesterday etc... and when I watch anime and dramas, I can now understand the beginnings and ends of sentences... and some random fragments in between XD

15. Have you ever been to Japan?
Yes. When I was really really young. I'd like to go again sometime though. I've taken some class on Japanese popular culture and done a bit of my own research at uni so I'd like to apply what I've learnt! Also, it would help that I actually know a bit of Japanese now... I would like to get a chance to practice speaking it since I don't know many Japanese people.

16. Do you cosplay? (post pictures if possible)
yes. but i'm thinking of doing one or two more, then stopping to concentrate on my studies/work. i found out i prefer looking at cosplay rather than cosplaying. i was not made to be erm stared at (paranoid)... although being chased by fangirls was amusing XD
what i've done
Prince of Tennis- Atobe Keigo, Oshitari Yuushi, Sanada Genichirou
Samurai Deeper Kyo- Sanada Yukimura (i would like to do another outfit of his ^^ i wore his purple flowery one)
Saiunkoku Monogatari- Shi Ryuuki (well, I have the costume but I haven't decided when to wear it)
i'm interested in cosplaying Byakuya from Bleach one day... and Naru from Love Hina.

17. Are you in an anime club?

18. Have you ever been to an anime convention? Which one?
Melbourne- 3 or 4 Manifests (can't remember ^^()...), 1 Animania
Singapore- 2 Cosfests and 2 EOYs

19. Have you ever seen an anime in the movie theatre?
Nope. The closest thing I've done is watch the 2nd Death Note movie in the cinema lol

20. How would you describe your anime fandom? (What type of fan are you?)
I'm mostly into the reading and writing of fanfiction (all the possibilities! *winks*). I try to stay out of fandom wank because it's pointless and ebil =.= What else... hm, I'm actually quite a passive fan... I don't really squeal or exclaim when I see things I like (but that could just be because i'm a quiet person in general... I can get into rather detailed and long discussions with my friends on characters and themes though... (that's the ex-lit major in me... analysing everything XD)). I try to keep up to date with everything and not lag too far behind in the series I watch. I used to Roleplay but then my interest died down. I'm more of a shoujo than yaoi fan but I will read the occassional yaoi fic if it's good ^^ And I sometimes beta yaoi fics friends write. And recently I've been into anime musicals (animyus XD) I've seen most of tenimyu, burimyu and some seramyu.
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When you started out with Pokémon it wasn´t not too long ago or? XD
Well I don´t know when it was released in your country, but in Gremany it was 1998 I think XD
But let´s put that aside.
I TOTALLY LOVE THE WAY YOUR ORGANIZED YOUR ANIME LIST!!!! That´s really convenient. I should start s.th. like this as well, because my list is by far not as organized as yours! Especially counting the animes is a good idea XD my list is veeery long and I´d love to know how many animes it counts by now XD

And I think it´s great that you´re a fan of Prince of Tennis, Samurai Champloo and Ouran Host Club (^-^)b I loved those, too! :3333

Well, very elaborate application!
It´s definitely a YES from me!
I can't remember when Pokemon was released in Singapore... I'd remember it started being a big thing when I was in primary school though... That's be the 1990s for me too ^^

yeah, i was glad i found that website. it made keeping track of my anime so much easier ^^

yay! we have fandoms in common!

thanks for voting!

yeah, i grew up on 'kimba', 'astro boy' and 'speed racer'

i have a few things you don't have and you have a few i don't have... too bad you live on the other side of the planet or i would suggest we have an anime exchange.

you mentioned suggestions ~ there are some "mainstream" classics that everyone should see: 'rurouni kenshin', 'trigun', 'coyboy bebop' and 'inu yasha' are a few of the best anime series and i use them to hook the average person onto anime. raXaphon, neon genesis evengelion, akira etc. are head trips. 'arjuna' is an anime that promotes environmental responsibility. 'excel saga' & 'flcl' = insanity
hm, i think that my tastes tend to be a bit different. i have seen episodes of cowboy bebop, excel saga and flcl thanks to friends but was never really into them. perhaps i should watch them from the beginning. i am interested toe try kenshin and arjuna sometime though ^^ and i'm not really into mecha or sci-fi anime...
I would have to say yes b/c you've seen a lot of stuff! Plus you're really into the fandom and such...

Oh and I have myanimelist, too...I'm aku_neko_5 on there, too ^_^
Yes I don't need to say why.. you're very extensive and thorough in your anime fandom, and i deem you worthy of the brand of Otaku.

PS: Lets get married.
I don't know if you need more votes, so I'll just throw mine in there. Yes. You certainly seem obsessed enough for the Otaku namesake.

Muraki = ♥