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Yeah... so... I'll prolly make another post closer to the actual convetion... but seeing it being talked about in fairyparatsuki's post made me eager all over again 8D

SO WHO IS GOING TO ANIME EXPO? June 29th--July 2nd! (On my birthday agaaain! Yay!!) Should we try to organize a meeting again like we attempted last year but at such a last minute it fell through? xDDD I don't know the layout of the Long Beach Convention center, so we would have to be like "uhhhh second floor have a sign stand by a bathroom at this time" ionno xDDD

:D and which of y'all are gonna cosplay?! Tell :D and now long are you going?!

I'll be cosplaying... Namine from KH, and Asahina-san from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (maybe D:) and I'm wearing this costume that I bought that's total like... gothic punk (but too small D8) xDD and if my Asahina-san thing falls through, Imma try to do Misa Misa again 8D this time only better~~~

so, who knows~~~ Let's discuss :D (and to get something moving in this com D8)
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