fairyparatsuki (fairyparatsuki) wrote in otaku_elite,

Questions and stuff.

I haven't been here in practically a month, so I'm just curious as to what's going on. What happened to the Decathelon? Did it just die or something?

Oh and anyone who is going to the Anime Expo, in Anaheim, CA, do check the dates. I know it's usually from July 1-4, but the dates have been moved up.
For more information: http://anime-expo.org/
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There weren't enough entries to continue the decathlon anymore. If someone else wants to take over for me in doing the last few events, they are certainly welcome to.
That really sucks. I was completely into it.
D8 aw it became an octothalon~

I'm going to AX :D June 29-July 2nd, am I right? Oreskaband is gonna be there 8D I can't waaaait~~~
You're kidding me! Which day! I'm such a loser cuz I have no time to get all the info!
I dunno yet! I totally saw it on a random website where I was looking for an OST to download... I think... saturday? (The 30th) but I think if you go to the website you can find out which day :D (really wants to go see them)
I'm going to AX! ^__^ It's in Long Beach this year. Just FYI. ^_~ Well, I HOPE to go to AX. My sis and I wanna volunteer with an anime store we frequent often at their booths at the con... but we have to wait till May to ask if we can. =/ There's quite a bit going on in May, so I wanna see if we can go to Orbit on the 1st of May just to get it over with.

And, like dragon_gypsy said: it's June 29-July 2. They started early this year for some reason... I think so it wouldn't interfere with the holiday. *shrugs*

So, what are you gonna cosplay? I'd like to look out for you if/when I go. ^_^
Sadly, I'm not going to cosplay. I can't afford to right now *grumbles about school*, but I'm definetely going. But I'm going to be decked out in my own way ^.^
Aww... that sucks. ;_; But school is a hell of a lot more important than cosplaying, so don't feel bad. ^^ There will many other cons in the furure for that. So, how are you gonna be decked out? Tons of anime merchandise hanging off of you? ^_~