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Sousei no Aquarion-Omna Magni

I'm sure any Sousei no Aquarion fan has been intrigued by the ending track, Omna Magni. I thought it was in Russian, since it sounded Russian to me. But Ms. Yoko Kanno is known for her compositions and her made up language (used in Escaflowne, Cowboy BeBop and other anime she's written songs for), so it was no surprise when anyone in the hunt for the meaning to this song was stumped. Manataro on Youtube was kind enough to supply me with the translation. I'm not sure if it is the actual translation or not, but I'm sure anyone looking for the track could appreciate it:

Some inconsistencies make me suspicious, but here it is.

"tail of skink
dew at night
quiet moonless night
light of the sun
a drop of mermaid's tears

shadow of the dead
suffering of the living
bliss of the dark
frenzy of the light
lump all
wrap it in a beautiful lace

(halta de manna cinca de manna)
enveloped in a gloom
a leggy shadow screams

(halta de manna cinca de manna)
go mad quietly
aquarion aquarion"

Also, in wanting to know what it meant, I found this lovely video:


This added to the morbid, hypnotic side of the song...although it makes it a little depressing. Hope you enjoy.
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